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11/03/2004 - I-trax Presents at American Electronics Association Classic Financial Conference/I-trax Announce Financial Results for Third Quarter 2004
06/30/2004 - I-trax Announces Second Quarter 2004 Financial Result/I-trax CEO Comments on Wall Street Journal Disease Management Article
03/31/2004 - I-trax Announces First Quarter 2004 Financial Result - Investor Call
12/29/2003 - I-trax Announces Completion of $80 Million Merger with CHD Meridian Healthcare - Investor Call
12/29/2003 - I-trax Announces $80 Million Merger Agreement with CHD Meridian - Investor Call
11/13/2003 - 3rd Quarter 2003 - Investor Call
8/14/2003 - 2nd Quarter 2003 - Investor Call and Presentation
5/14/2003 - Q1 2003 Investor Call - CEO Presentation
1/15/2003 - I-trax Announces Listing on American Stock Exchange
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